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Not all Tantra sessions are created equal, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide our clients with the most recent techniques with the foundation of the ancient ways. Although relaxation is always a great benefit of massage, we educate our clients abuot how the use of Tantric massage can improve different aspects of their lives, including health and libido. Tantra has many applications, but the main goal is to help you become self-aware and in touch with your own body.

Tantra sessions

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We all have an energy force coursing through our body but unfortunately in the western world, we are taught little about it which causes us to ignore or not understand certain signals and signs that our body presents. When our energy gets blocked, it can easily manifest itself into physical issues such as low sex drive, depression, anxiety and a general “run-down” feeling. In many cases those issues can be sexual, Tantra has a great reputation for correcting those blocked energy pathways and help us to go on to have a full and healthy sexual lifestyle.

Tantra sessions will also teach you the proper way to breath so you may experience the full benefits of Tantra that will awaken your spirit. Once the awakening occurs the next step will be the Kundalini massage which is performed on the Lingam (penis) and Sacred Zone (anal cavity). This type of massage will help you to discover and teach you how to control your own sexual energy. During these Tantra sessions you will learn about Sexual Sublimation, the 5 sexual points of the sacred zones in order to be able to produce multiple orgasms. The process is usually repeated 3 times in order to produce significant sexual energy to engage a state of sexual and restful awareness.



This journey begins teaching you Tantric breathing work and the Sacred Locks techniques. After that I will awake your most intimate energy though out an ancient adoration and Shamanic ritual. after seducing that energy I will perform the sacred touch in all your body relaxing you but at the same time moving your sexual  and sacred energies. This session is also with no clothing, reminding you that is because of the energetic movement approach of this holistic experience.

I will take the time in each stroke in order that you are transported in body and mind to your ownself. After that I will perform a real Kundalini massage. This is perform at your lingam first and then in your prostate. A lingam massage will allow your body to awake your most powerful energy and in combination with the prostate massage I will be able to induce in your body different kind of orgasms that are non-ejaculative. 

The sacred touch in your prostate will have the benefit of generating an inner conection between your physical body and your energetical body. Every erotical marma in your body will be awakened, allowing you to experience : an inner orgasmo, a retro-ejaculation, and a Ki Orgasm. In this process I will teach you how to control your sexual energy and cultivate it in order to take you to a different state of mind:  Relax Awareness. I finish with a Tantric meditation.

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 SACRED ABSOLUTE EXTASIS SESSION. TWO HOURS £300 (only after you have  the Absolute Tantra experience) – Home/Hotel £400

After you have experienced Absolute Tantra you can control and can expand your sexual energy into a sacred energy. I can take you to, and through, this DEEP experience.

My aim is to move my sexual energy in order that we can fuse our energies with the result that that you can move and control your sexual energy within your body and through every chakra. I will introduce you to your body energy through a very special ritual and meditation. You will receive a full body Tantra Sacred Touch which awakens every cell in your body allowing you to experience a combination of pleasure, liberation and relaxation.

A session like this is very powerful since your body will be prepared to handle sexual energy in a different way, experiencing not only multi-orgasmia but generating orgasmia in every chakra. In a Tantric process this will allow you an instant comunication between Lingam and the Sacred Zone with your entire body. This will generate so much pleasure that your body and mind will reach a state called Sacred Extasis.  After this session, Tantra will forever be a tool in your intimate life that will transform your sexual life.

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ENERGIZING TANTRA SESSION 90 Mins £250 – Home/Hotel £350

This session aims to awaken your sacred energy and allow you to experience  multi-orgasmia via Lingam massage. I will teach you concious breathing and Tantra breathing techniques that allows us to generate a synergy between you and me that synchronizes our energies. This builds in a pleasurable and tantalizing way resulting in an intensification of postitive energy in your body. You will experience a short ritual that will transport your mind to your body to allow a whole-body experience. This session is performed naked not with the intention of a sexual experience in the traditional sense; in Tantra we believe that in order to move, generate and transfor energies we can not be clothed so we will share our bodies in a Tantric contact and release.

You will experience a full body Sacred Touch and this time you will discover the ancient technique of Kundalini: Lingam massage. This is not intended merely as a “happy ending.” This sacred massage technique is performed in order to awaken parts of your body. The priomary focus is to generate sexual energy that will be transformed into sacred energy. I will teach you how to recognize this energy, control it, and experience orgasms that do not require physical realisation (ejaculation). You will learn that your body can have at least 3 different orgasms that are not ejaculative and when you stimulate yourself, you do not need to liberate. Tantra is about cultivating that sacred energy and you will naturally experience an esoterical and energetical process afterwards. In addition you will have learned techniques that will be give you pleasure for life.

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DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE WITH TANTRA ELEMENTS 1 Hour £100 / 90 Mins £120  – Home/Hotel  1Hr £200/ 90Min £220

Tantric and deep tissue combination massage liberates muscle spasms, relaxes  your body throughout, freeing it totally from muscular stress. Working from deep within your body, from  head to toes, face up and face down, this sensual and deep tissue combination massage reaches every Chakra and muscular group. Your massage will be received naked (I will be clothed) during which I will teach you two types of breathing that will allow your mind to be come an integral part of your whole body and not just focused in your head.  In this session we do not perform Kundalini massage but you will experience an energizing expansion in your body through the big draw technique.

The art of a True Tantra massage is the ability to give that concious touch which transforms the massage into a sacred moment. This massage will awaken your energy in subtle ways that last way beyond the session. During the session I will be activating certain marmas that will restore vital energy in your body and mind.  Tantra triggers a liberation in your mind that other massages cannot provide making it a truly life-changing and uplifting experience.
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