True Tantra

True Tantra is an age old practice consisting of a thousand years of body working with a modern twist. According to the ancient school tradition of Kahula, true Tantra is an opportunity to study, educate, practice and come together in a way that the true essence of Tantra should be experienced. In our modern lives many of us have forgotten that the philosophy of Tantra is meant as a way of learning and expanding our minds, and our spirits through the portal of our bodies to further develop and grow as a species. Tantric massage will stimulate the body’s own ability to heal it’s self.

Tantric massage can improve one’s self throughout our Tantra sessions by:True Tantra Massage

  • Discovering a deeper knowledge of who you are
  • Reduction of stress
  • Increased circulation and blood flow to vital areas
  • Developing a close harmony between you and your partner using Tantra
  • Heal and grow deeper levels of yourself, such as: blocked sexual energy, psychosomatic emotional trauma, erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, sexual addiction, anaorgasmia
  • It will also help you stay fit, many of the exercises related to Tantra i.e. kegels, yoga, to name a couple, will help not only your stamina for your sex life but your physical fitness as well.

The goal of True  Tantra is not to control your energy but indulge it and let it flourish. A connection with yourself, your partner and the energy that travels through all of us is the goal. Come experience and feel the chakra’s open up and begin to flow the way they are meant to; this is the first step to becoming more enlightened and discovering your inner peace. Self-awareness and discovery is also a key to True Tantra, as you learn more about this ancient art form you will discover ways how to stay healthier and more energized throughout your day.

When you’re ready to experience true Tantra, come and receive your session or instruction from a professional Tantra instructor and experienced, fully trained masseur. Whether you’re a beginner or a Tantra connoisseur, we have exactly what you need. 

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