What is Tantra?

Tantra Explained

What is Tantra? Well to begin with, Tantra is a sanskrit word for “weave” or “woven together” it can also be loosely translated to mean  “to expand” or “to liberate.” In our context we will be liberating your innermost sexual conduits so your sexual energy can flow properly enabling you to reach immeasurable heights of pleasure and ecstasy.

Over Five Centuries Old

what is tantra?

Tantra has been practiced for over 5 centuries and maybe longer. What we know of it today is believed to be a fraction of what was taught thousands of years ago. Throughout the 70’s Tantra started to develop into a very popular practice and grew to become part of thousands of people’s daily rituals.

There is a spiritual part to tantric massage that was developed into Shamanic properties that focus on sexuality. The Methodology of Tantra has also become a faith and tied to religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. Throughout the ages this amazing massage technique has been perfected and now forms one of the most important massage disciplines available.

Not only used for pleasure, Tantric massage is used for sexual healing and to counter many of the problems that ordinary people have when it comes to allowing personal contact and expressing themselves sexually both in a physical and emotional way.

Tantra is Oneness

The thought behind Tantra is of oneness, becoming one with yourself and with your partner. Oneness with yourself through spiritual and emotional growth, enlightenment and taking a holistic approach to healing your body with these techniques and practices. Using tantric massage to enhance these methods brings one closer to their goals and of self-awareness and enlightenment and a better understanding of the universe.

Basic human needs such as food and water are quite apparent necessities  however, air is often overlooked, a vest majority of us don’t breath properly leaving us vulnerable to illness. Swahara Yoga and meditation teaches that proper breathing methods help Tantric massage reach further with more healing properties.

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