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Tantra Therapy works because it can be used as a bridge between sexology, psychology and allopathic medicine and a lot of times it works in place of these types of treatments. Tantra is safe, effective and an extremely enjoyable encounter.

Where sexology, psychology and allopathic medicine may cease to be a successful treatment option, Tantra therapy has been helping people all over the world for centuries become healthy once again. It very well may be recommended for you to experience Tantra Therapy prior to seeking other modalities or treatments for certain sexual abnormalities or issues as well. Some of the most common disorders include premature ejaculation and impotency.

Tantra also is spectacular if you would just like to learn how to control your sexual potential, stamina and ability to satisfy your partner. If you are unsure if Tantra would be effective for you, check with your doctor prior to our Tantra therapy sessions if you do have any medical disorders.

Regardless of the outcome, you will leave with a smile on your face, a blissful glowing energy and a feeling of complete satisfaction. Aside from procreation and pleasure, sexual energy has other uses; our energy is referred to in China as Qi. The Tao, (principle or philosophy) behind this belief is centuries old and it is our life force that can be controlled or guided.

Our sexual energy is one of the strongest parts of our Qi & this can be focused to help heal our physical bodies and extend our years. There are many different techniques and movements used during one of our sessions and often these will be interactive so no one session will ever be the same experience. Once you have tried one and have found a therapist you enjoy working with you may want to consider having one of these therapies on a regular and consistent basis.

Please contact us for more details such as times, availabilities and masseurs in your area for outcall appointments. Regular incall Tantric therapy is available at my Covent Garden location.

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